The WebArrow product line is the next generation of software for remote collaboration over the web. The WebArrow family currently consists of:

  • WebArrow/Conference: a product that allows any number of people to collaboration over the web. Example applications include distance education, webinars, and web conferencing.
  • WebArrow/Center: a highly customizable web-based call center, used to support help desks, remote sales, eCRM, remote demos, and much more.
  • WebArrow/API: a set of APIs that allow you to easily integrate web conferencing into your application or web-site.

WebArrow's architecture allows you to easily plug together components to create specialized versions of the software that are tailored to your needs, via our comprehensive APIs. In most cases, web conferencing tools can be added to your product, tool, or web-site in 1-2 days.

Our core business is to create customizable products for you which have the benefits of industrial-strength software: highly tested, performance tuned, reliable, and secure. But these products have the kinds of specializations that you would only expect from custom software.

With our tools you can add web conferencing capabilities to your product or your web site in as little as one week.

More information

For more information about WebArrow, or to schedule a free demo or product pilot, please contact us.

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